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Classic Christmas Candles

Bring the Christmas Spirit bursting into your home with our 2022 Christmas Candle Range! 

Choose from two classic fragrances that will have your whole home feeling festive and bright.  Are you fresh or spicy?

O Christmas Tree will whisk you away to a fresh pine forest with its green, earthy fragrance. Strong notes of cedar wood and spearmint essential oils combine with juniper and fresh cut spruce, giving good woody depth to this beautiful fragrance.


Santa's Cookies is the perfect blend of warm spices such as cinnamon and clove,  combined with a creamy aroma of vanilla bean, black tea and fresh milk.  Perfect for Christmas Eve and every day leading up to it!


Packaged in our signature pink Blushing Ivy Cylinders ready to gift.
Burn time of 40 hours

Total weight 400g 

Blushing Ivy Candle Care

Set my memory 
Make sure you burn the wax pool right to the edge of the container on the first burn to set the memory of your candle

Trim my wick 
Keep wicks 2-5mm for effective burning and minimisation of soot build up

Give me a safe home 
Keep your candle out of draughts and away from children and pets.  Never leave a burning candle unattended


About Blushing Ivy Candles

All Blushing Ivy candles are made with lead free, cotton wicks and 100% pure, vegan friendly soy wax.  

All fragrances used are Australian Made and essential oil based.  We always aim to give you a premium experience using only the best and most sustainably available sources.

Our candles are designed to enjoy and then reuse as beautiful containers or return to us for refills.

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