welcome to your happy place

About Us

Hi!  I'm Lorrae
A born and bred Sunshine Coast girl that loves everything candles!
Blushing Ivy was first established in 2018,
but I have been creating candles and fragrance
products since my last baby was born way back in 2011!  
I've always been a big consumer of candles,
but I thought there needed to be something on the
market that was a little different and a bit fun :)
Our name comes from two of the things
I love most in the world - my daughter Ivy and the colour pink!  
Blushing Ivy - ta da!
Here at Blushing Ivy Home Fragrance, our aim is to
provide you with beautiful scents that transport
you to your very own happy place.
We hope by sharing some of our favourite fragrances,
we can evoke the same feelings of relaxation,
serenity and home that we feel every
time we light one of our candles.  
We love to look on the bright side of life and we feel our
products convey a sense of fun and elegance,
without taking life too seriously!
Handcrafted in small batches on Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast, inspiration for our scents is taken from our stunning surroundings and favourite activities.
Enjoy! xx