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welcome to your happy place


Lazy Sundays

With top notes of mandarin and base notes of vanilla, jasmine and cedar wood, this gorgeous scent will have you inhaling deeply, popping on your PJs and curling up with your favourite book or podcast.

Beach Hair, Don’t Care

We give the classic, all time favourite coconut lime a special Blushing Ivy twist with refreshing top notes of lime and lemon fused with irresistible vanilla and coconut, you’ll be relishing in an epic hair flip in no time!

Sneaky Treat

Who doesn’t love a cheeky bit of sweetness every now and then?! This scent will have your whole home smelling like a delicious gelataria – with its buttery, salted caramel top notes and creamy vanilla, coconut and tonka bean base notes.

Home Sweet Home

Cocoon yourself in your safe haven with this classic, warming scent. Buttery and creamy with notes of vanilla and sweet pea, this light and airy scent captures the essence of throwing open the windows and welcoming in the fresh air.

Sunset Drinks

If cocktails while the sun sets are your thing then this one’s for you! Sweet and juicy strawberries beautifully matched with notes of champagne and roses, cheers to that!

Spring Fling

Spring has sprung, so why not have your house smelling like a florist?! This fruity floral combination blends the subtle freshness of lychee and raspberry with the exquisite softness of peony petals, jasmine and rosewood. A unique and addictive fragrance!


Take a deep breath and let all that stress melt away when you light this beautifully calming scent. A delicate mix of white lotus, vanilla and patchouli, this will have you limber and chilled out in no time!

Beautiful Banksia

An authentic Australian scent – this gorgeous nod to our native flora will have you feeling festive. Fresh and sweet with top notes of bergamot and grapefruit accompanied by fir needle and banksia. Get the tinsel ready!

Island Bliss

This heady scent will take you straight to the Pacific Islands. With top notes of wild frangipani and lily of the valley and gorgeous base notes of star jasmine, you will be putting on the shell lei and hula dancing in a flash!

By the Sea

Cool down on a balmy night with effervescent citrus and a seaside breeze. Note the soothing addition of amber, cedarwood & saffron. A mature, woody scent that you will find calming and relaxing.

Coastal Dreaming

Coastal Dreaming bodies our beautifully relaxed coastal lifestyle. With top notes of driftwood and vanilla, followed by woody white musk and warm sandalwood, this mature scent is one that is hard to stop burning.

Fresh Linen

Is there really anything better than freshly washed sheets?  Our newest scent, Fresh Linen, comprises of bright top notes lemon, lime and green apple, melting into a gorgeous blend of cedar and lily and finishing with violet and musk.  

 Holiday Villa

Encapsulating the feel of coastal roads and ocean views, an invigorating blend of wild freesia, fresh lime and lavender.


O Christmas Tree

Whisk yourself away to a fresh pine forest with this green, earthy fragrance. Strong notes of cedar wood and spearmint essential oils combine with juniper and fresh cut spruce, giving good woody depth to this fragrance oil.

Candy Canes

Bring back those childhood Christmas memories with this delicious beauty.  It starts with the freshness of peppermint essential oil and adds blueberry, Chantilly cream and marshmallow to make this fun, fruity blend.