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Lazy Sundays

Top Notes:  Mandarin, Pine Needle
Mid Notes:  Japanese Honeysuckle
Base Notes:  Malt, Jasmine & Cedarwood

This gorgeous scent will have you inhaling deeply, popping on your PJs and curling up with your favourite book or podcast.

Home Sweet Home

Top Notes: peach nectar, honeydew
Mid Notes: redcurrant and sweet pea
Base Notes: jasmine and cyclamen

Cocoon yourself in your safe haven with this classic, warming scent.  This light and airy scent captures the essence of throwing open the windows and welcoming in the fresh air.

Spring Fling

Top Notes: raspberry, lychee fruit
Mid Notes: peony petals, peach
Base Notes: jasmine, rosewood

Spring has sprung, so why not have your house smelling like a florist?! This fruity floral combination blends the subtle freshness of lychee and raspberry with the exquisite softness of peony petals, jasmine and rosewood. A unique and addictive fragrance!

Island Bliss

Top Notes: fir needle, orange
Mid Notes: frangipani, lily of the valley
Base Notes: rose, star jasmine

This heady scent will take you straight to the Pacific Islands. With top notes of wild frangipani and lily of the valley and gorgeous base notes of star jasmine, you will be putting on the shell lei and hula dancing in a flash!


Beach Hair, Don’t Care

Top Notes:  Lime, Mandarin
Mid Notes:  Coconut, Buttermilk
Base Notes:  Musk, Vanilla, Malt

We give the classic, all time favourite coconut lime a special Blushing Ivy twist with refreshing top notes of lime and lemon fused with irresistible vanilla and coconut, you’ll be relishing in an epic hair flip in no time!

Summer Daze

Top Notes: lemon lime
Mid Notes: lemongrass, jasmine
Base Notes: sage leaf

Fresh and breezy, this easy to burn scent will have you relighting again and again. Perfect for that after a big house clean, or just to make your space feel fresh and bright.


Sunset Drinks

Top Notes:  raspberry, leaf green
Mid Notes:  champagne, strawberry
Base Notes: red rose, hyacinth

If cocktails while the sun sets are your thing then this one’s for you! Sweet and juicy strawberries beautifully matched with notes of champagne and roses, cheers to that!

Fresh Linen

Top Notes:  apple, lime
Mid Notes:  clean cotton, lavender
Base Notes: musk, violet

Sun drenched linen and crisp, clean vibes is what this fragrance is all about!  Reminiscent of a breezy day with breathe it in notes of green apple and fresh lavender with beautiful mid notes of musk and violet that develop mid burn.


Sneaky Treat

Top Notes:  Butter, Balsamic
Mid Notes:  Salted Caramel, coconut
Base Notes:  Tonka bean, vanilla

Who doesn’t love a cheeky bit of sweetness every now and then?! This scent will have your whole home smelling like a delicious gelataria.

Coco Loco

Top Notes: mango, pineapple
Mid Notes: coconut cream, buttermilk
Base Notes: vanilla, grated coconut

Create those holiday vibes right from your own living room with this creamy, tropical delight.  Evoking images of palms swaying in the breeze and delicious cocktails, this scent is creamy enough for Winter and fresh enough for Summer.  An all round winner!




Top Notes: orange, mandarin
Mid Notes: white lotus, jasmine
Base Notes: patchouli, vanilla

Take a deep breath and let all that stress melt away when you light this beautifully calming scent. A delicate mix of white lotus, vanilla and patchouli, this will have you limber and chilled out in no time!

Cosy Nights

Top Notes: clary sage, orris root
Mid Notes: leather and tobacco leaf
Base Notes: tonka bean, malt

Those chilly nights are upon us and this is the perfect fragrance for the cooler months.  Woody and warming, evoking images of fireplaces and cosy blankets.

Coastal Dreaming

Top Notes: Mandarin, Sandalwood
Mid Notes: Cedarwood, Musk
Base Notes: Vanilla, Driftwood

Drift away on a coastal breeze with this intoxicating scent.  Woody and spicy with rich undertones but a sweet vanilla base to stop it taking itself too seriously.  This one is a crowd pleaser that feels at home in any space.